Parish Diary

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Parish Diary

Sunday, 21st April

 08.45 - Coffee Morning

12.00 - Coffee Morning

Wednesday, 24th April

12.30 - Autumn club

Thursday, 25th April

12.30 - Monthly lunch

19.30 - SVP meeting

Saturday 23rd April

11.00 - Evangelisation Day – St Ives

Sunday, 28th April

 08.45 - Coffee Morning

10.00 - FHC class

12.00 - Coffee Morning

15.00 - Confirmation class

Statement to parishes free schools register:

You may be aware that the Diocese is intending to submit bids to the government in March 2017, to open new Catholic schools across the Diocese from 2019 onwards. Primary schools are being proposed in Norwich, Cambridge, Peterborough and Thetford whilst a high school is being proposed in West Cambourne, Cambridgeshire and a sixth form in Norwich. The Diocese has set up a page on its website with more information about these proposals. There is also an opportunity on this website page to register your interest in these new schools, and this will also allow the Diocese to keep you updated on the proposals. It is very important that we get as many people as possible to register their interest on the website as this will provide strong evidence to the government of the need for Catholic schools in East Anglia. The website address is: http://rcdea.org.uk/freeschools/.