Altar Servers
An enthusiastic team of Altar servers at all Masses. The team consists of both boys and girls who take part in regular training sessions and social activities. To join our team of Altar Servers please see Fr. Karol after any of the Masses.

Autumn Club
The S.V.P organise a monthly club which brings together many senior citizens for friendship, a chat and tea and cakes usually preceded by some form of entertainment.
Some meetings are arranged as outings such as Afternoon Teas in a local garden, Christmas Shopping, lunches, visits to Garden Centres and local places of interest.
Meetings are on the last Wednesday of each month at 2pm in the parish hall, except for August and in December a Christmas Party is held on the 2nd Wednesday.
Full details of all events are published in the weekly newsletter.  
Flower Arranging Group
At present, there are eight ladies on the rota and flowers are arranged either on Fridays or Saturdays to accommodate those that are working. The rota indicates the colour of the flowers according to the Liturgical Seasons. If you would like to join the group please contact Carol Sayer (support and training are available if you feel the need).
Lay Apostles of Jesus Christ the Returning King  
We seek to be united to Jesus in our daily work, through our vocations, in order to obtain graces for the conversion of sinners. We pledge our allegiance to God the Father. Through our cooperation with the Holy Spirit, we will allow Jesus to flow through us into the world, bringing His Light. We do this in union with Mary, our Blessed Mother, with the Community of Saints, with all God’s Holy Angels, and with our fellow apostles in the world. At the Sacred Heart parish we have the monthly prayer meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 11am after Mass and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. You will find us at the back of the church before we go into the presbytery for our meeting. We endeavour to follow the other practices as best we can in our daily lives. If you are interested in joining us just come on the appropriate date (advertised in the newsletter) or contact Elizabeth Barker through the
parish office.  

Liturgy Group
A number of individuals help to sustain the high standard of liturgy here in the parish. There are those who serve as musicians along with those who serve as Readers and as Eucharistic Ministers. Regular retreats and information sessions are help for these ministers and training sessions for new ministers are held as required.

Music Group
The 11 am Sunday Mass has a long tradition of both traditional music and that of a more modern style. The choir sing, accompanied by the organ, most Sundays and a music group plays on the 4th Sunday of every month, when a number of musicians, including wind and string instruments as well as keyboard, provide the music. The choir and musicians meet on most Wednesday evenings in the church at 7.30pm to rehearse. New members (both musicians and singers) of any age are always needed and will be warmly welcomed. If you are interested in joining or finding out more please contact the 
parish office.   

Parish Finance and Buildings Committee
Every parish is required to establish a Finance Committee (Canons 537 & 1280) and should make full use of such a committee, perhaps by developing it into a Finance & Buildings Committee.
The Parish Finance & Buildings Committee (F&BC) meets on a regular basis to assist the Parish Priest with financial matters, capital projects and maintenance of the church property. Membership of the F&BC is by invitation of the Parish Priest and includes the Parish Treasurer and Gift Aid Coordinator.
Most of the parish income is raised through donations at the weekly offering. Tax paying parishioners signed up for the parish Gift Aid Scheme provide additional income for the parish,
at no extra cost to the giver, as the parish is able to reclaim income tax on any donation from Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC). If you are a tax payer and wish to join the Gift Aid Scheme please contact the Parish Office via the website or telephone 01480 – 462192.
The annual accounts are presented to parishioners at the annual Parish Open Meeting when information on all income and expenditure, including:  levies paid to the Diocese, capital projects undertaken and payment received from HMRC, is outlined and discussed.

Parish Lunch Club
A monthly lunch is held in the Parish Hall from September to June on Thursdays at 12.30. The dates are announced in September and January for the following months and appear each month in the Parish Newsletter. The cost of £4.50 includes a main course with a choice of pudding and a soft drink. Any member of our parish community and their friends are welcome but we must know how many are coming on the Monday before the lunch for catering purposes. It is possible to add your name to the list in the Church Porch for two weeks prior to the date of the lunch or you can contact the
Parish Office for more information. Please note all the preparation and cooking is carried out by parish volunteers.  

Parish Steering Committee
There is a Parish Steering Committee consisting of representatives of each Sunday Mass and selected parish groups, which works with the Parish Priest to discuss matters concerning the pastoral work of the community.  Annual Open Meetings are held where the PSC presents its work and plans to parishioners for comment and approval.  The constitution, membership and minutes of
PSC meetings are available from the Parish Web Site.

Parish Planning Sub-Committee
A “Way Forward Group” was formed in 2009
“to prepare for the availability of a priest in this parish being significantly reduced in the foreseeable future.” It made proposals in 2010 for increased lay involvement in activities that do not necessarily require clergy to perform including visiting, care of the dying and work with schools.  Following the allocation of two La Sallette priests to the parish in 2010, the group agreed to work with the new clergy and the PSC to adapt its proposals and support planning in the parish – it was then reconstituted as a Parish Planning Sub-Committee.

Scripture Reflections
There is an opportunity to read and reflect on the Scripture readings for the following weekend Masses. If you would like to join us just come on Friday to the presbytery at 19.30. Everyone is more than welcome.

Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP)
The short prayer, which is said at the beginning of each Conference Meeting, expresses the aims of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society:
“Lord Jesus, help us through meeting together to deepen our Vincentian friendship, and answer the call every Christian receives, to seek and find those who are forgotten and to bring your love to the suffering or deprived. Help us to be generous with our time, our possessions, and ourselves, so that we may grow perfect in your love, and learn to share your Sacrifice for others, in the Holy Eucharist.
The Conference meets twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 19.30 in the presbytery. SVP membership £10
The members visit the housebound, the sick and those who are in hospital( and don’t have any family visitors) as well as organising lifts to weekend Masses and some church events. Once a year there is a Mass for the Anointing of the Sick.
At present there are seven members but if you are interested in the work of the SVP please contact the
Parish Office.