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The Parish Family

Please keep praying for: Natalie AH-Mane, Marie Aldworth, Christopher Browne, Mary Buckley, Myra & Lionel Buisson, Lea Cardy, Kathleen Clewlow, Theresa Coverdale, Jane Sebb, Tina Franks, Max Levene, Michael Lynch, Jessie Mascarenhas, Aileen McBride, Jim Moir, Peter Newton, Jean Poore, Fabiano Quenten, Joan Mary Radforth, Michael Read, Philip Spencer and Family, Christopher Stephenson, Ken Walker, Dr John M. Walsh, Phyllis Wright and all sick and housebound.

We express deepest sympathy to the family of late

Bernardino DiSiena who died recently.

Requiem Mass will be on the 5th of April at 10.00am.

LENT TALKS — Forming Intentional Disciples

Thank you to everyone who came to the session on 13th. There is solid and well attended group gathering each Tuesday. This week please read chapters 11 and 12 for 20th of March.

Baptismal Preparation Course

The session for parents who wish to have their child baptised in the Roman Catholic Church will be on this Sunday, 18th March at 4pm at the Presbytery. Next session will be on the 29th of May.

Stations of the Cross in Lent 2018

This will take place every Friday during Lent, up to and including Good Friday:

* March 23rd at Sacred Heart led by local SVP

* March 30th Good Friday at Sacred Heart led by Sacred Heart

RCIA rehearsal

Candidates please note the rehearsal for the Easter Vigil is on Saturday 24th March at 11am in church.

Autumn club

The next meeting will be at 2pm in our hall on Wednesday 28th March when we will be showing a DVD called “Chosen by God” followed by tea, cakes and biscuits. All senior citizens welcome

Reconciliation Service

On Monday 26th March there will be 3 visiting priests and Frhearing Confessions, after the short service at 7.30pm.

Chrism Mass Coach trip - Tuesday 27th of March

Seats still available. The sponsored price: £10 per person paid in advance (special envelopes in the porch).

Maundy Thursday    

As is the custom in our parish we need 12 volunteers, 6 male and 6 female to take part in the “Washing of the Feet” during the Mass of the Last Supper. If you are on a parish rota as a reader or Eucharistic Minister you are invited to put your name on the lists which are on the organ. The usual rotas for 8am and 11am Masses on Easter Sunday will be available soon.

First Holy Communion and Reconciliation

Classes start again on Sunday 8th April. Please also note these dates for next term:

* Wednesday 18th April at 7.30pm, Parents’ Meeting.

* Saturday 5th May at 10.00am, Children’s Reconciliation Service

* Wednesday 9th May at 6.30pm Holy Communion Practice with parents and children.  


Our twin village of Aboud in Palestine urgently needs a new generator. The electrical supply, like the water, is under control of the Israeli authorities and can be cut at little or no notice. This is now old and only works for about an hour. If you feel that you could help support the village by giving a donation then please give it to parish office. Cheques should be made payable to “Pilgrimage People”. For further information contact Kathy Bishop 01480 214524.

Churches Together in St Ives (CTSI)

Please be aware that CITMP is at risk of disappearing if we don't get more volunteers. Could you join the team for a couple of hours once a month? Contact the Parish Office for more information or simply call in on the second Monday of a month to find out more about it. Why not join us on the CTSI Walk of Witness on Good Friday morning? It is a great way for you and your family to show St Ives that Easter is really about Jesus's death and resurrection to save us all.

Red Box Collection

Could all RED BOX holders collect their named box from the back of church please. (Still some left)


17.00 Anticipatory Sunday Holy Mass on Saturday, 24th

Sunday 25th March

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

8.00 Holy Mass

9.30 Holy Mass in Polish

11.00 Gathering in the Hall for

the Procession with the Palms

followed by Holy Mass

Monday, 26th March

10.00 Holy Mass

19.30 Parish Reconciliation Service

Tuesday, 27th March

10.00 Holy Mass

19.00 CHRISM MASS in St John the Baptist

RC Cathedral, Norwich

Wednesday, 28th March

10.00 Holy Mass followed by the Exposition

of the Blessed Sacrament

Easter and Confirmation cards

  available to purchase at Repository.

Easter table arrangements kindly made by Monica French are available to purchase at £2.50.     

     All Donations will go to Aboud special appeal.

There will be 2nd collection

next Weekend (Palm Sunday) for SVP conference.

Thank you for your

generous collection

last week:

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