Catholic Parish of 

the Sacred Heart

St Ives

Twinned with the Parish of Our Lady Mother

of Sorrows, Aboud, Palestine

Fr Thomas J  Walton (Parish Priest)


17th October 2020   


In compliance with NHS test and trace ALL parishioners will need to give their names and contact number at every Mass they will attend. The details will be kept for 21 days, and then destroyed.

Your cooperation will be appreciated

To gain access to the newsletter in the usual printed format please click on the NEWS link on the home page of the parish website and then on the word NEWSLETTER at the top of the page.The current newsletter will appear.


The sign of Peace will no longer take place

Holy Communion must be given hand to hand only and social distancing must be maintained with people moving within the space. Communion will be distributed after the final Blessing.

You must leave immediately.

Please be aware if the capacity is all taken up you will not be admitted.

There will be no hymns or use of Mass books.  

       Instruction for Families   

Families may seat together for the Mass but only in extension area. The main body of the church will remain free for individuals.

Children MUST always by accompanied by an adult. They are not to be free to move around the church or go to the toilet on their own.

Votive candles MUST be lit by steward, to avoid cross contamination.  


Sunday Mass at 11am will take place but there will be NO 8am Mass as the whole church,

annexe and hall need to be cleaned after each Mass.

Parish Office        Telephone             01480 462192

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